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Pest control in food factories

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

The presence of pests in food production and preparation areas has always been

unacceptable. Concerns for the environment and the requirements by regulators for

improved practices in the industry have meant that new methods to control pests have

had to be devised.

The presence of pests in any food handling premises is unacceptable. The risks posed

by pests include:

• The spread of disease – pathogens are transferred from the gut or external surface of

the pest

• Damage to property

• Contamination of work surfaces and foodstuffs

• Adverse public opinion and loss of reputation

• Prosecution and closure

• Poor staff relations

Pests can spread diseases that make workers sick and make industries dangerous in

which to operate. Also if there has been no contamination of the product, bugs are bad

for the morale of the employee, because it would take more time for the staff to make

sure nothing pops out on their faces. The presence of typical home pests such as

rodents and roaches in the warehouse can be determined by the following signs:

· Chew Marks: The rats and the mice chew continuously. Shredded cardboard and

gnawed wood or cabling in your warehouse can be signs of rodents. Cockroaches are

often known to chew on paper or cardboard leaving holes scattered across the layers.

· Musky Odor: Infestation in a building is frequently accompanied by a musty or musky

scent. To ascertain the origin, an unpleasant odor should always be examined in a


· Tracks: One of the signs of rodents in the warehouse is the obvious grease tracks,

particularly in areas where a human or equipment might have trouble making a mark. A

sure sign of rodents is tracked around roof joists, vents, or pipes.

· Droppings: Rodents and roaches often leave in the form of tiny, dark grains behind

droppings. Such dropouts will potentially transmit bacteria and viruses and pose a threat

not only to your goods but to your staff as well.

Rice, Potato, Granary, and Maize Weevils: Weevils are small beetles that consume

several crops and lay their eggs in the soil, making them a pest for farming. Its

distinctive snout-like head shape will identify them. Although they are harmless to

humans and can be eaten without harm when they find weevils in their pantry, it is

unlikely consumers will be happy.


Acuity Pest control provides domestic pest control services. The Acuity pest control that

you can believe and deal with any kind of pest problems in your area.

After the initial service is complete the exterminator will visit the place every quarter to

reapply the outside barrier along with proper notification will be left on the front door to

let you know the protection has been renewed.

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the best pest control services in Bangalore in addition it cares for well being and health

of your family.

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