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Hotel Pest Control

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For hotels on many levels, pest control is critical. Customers expect to have a pleasant stay in a pleasant environment and to be safe and secure whether they are staying in a hotel room, bathroom, lobby, restaurant, bar, gym, or other hotel facilities.

Problematic pests in Hotels

Ensuring a pest-free atmosphere is an important challenge concerning everyone in the hospitality business. The presence of an insect infestation would almost certainly adversely impact the image, employee relationships, and potentially financial results of an organization. Hotels can become vulnerable to a number of pest issues.

Acuity Pest control is the most efficient way to keep these infestations at bay and pest-related issues.

Experience with a pest in a hotel can ruin a guest's stay and lead to negative reviews on social media spreading the hotel's bad image, which has a serious impact on business. Pest infestation may also cause authorities to take legal action to ensure public safety, especially if the kitchens, restaurants, and bars are affected.

Pests can enter any hotel class — some are brought in by the guests themselves — so it's essential that every hotel has effective procedures to prevent, monitor, and control pests.


Four of the most common pests that hotel guests encounter are:

  1. Bed bugs

  2. Cockroaches

  3. Flies

  4. Rodents

Bed bugs

Bed bugs have become more common with the rise in international travel in the last two decades. Bed bugs are the most difficult pest to prevent entry into a hotel because guests themselves mostly bring them to the premises — even the best hotels can suffer from an infestation.


Bed bugs can live without feeding for several months and they can easily be carried in the luggage from hotel to hotel for multiple journeys.

No guest will want to come back from a hotel with a series of painful bites that can last days. A persistent memory of a poor experience is much more likely to lead to a social media post.


The trick to preventing the guests from attacking bed bugs is to recognize the problem as soon as possible and take action to eradicate it.


Cockroaches are a pest where food sources are readily available. Cockroaches in hotels can infest kitchens, restaurants, bars, lobby public washrooms, or guest rooms bathrooms. They are mainly nocturnal, choosing to spend the day in a shelter and looking for food at night.


They take shelter in low, dark places in the building structure's furniture, appliances, food packaging, cracks and crevices, and in secret places such as pipework and cables and inside drain pipes and sewers.

There are several cockroach species with slightly different habitat preferences but they generally prefer warm and humid spots.

In addition to having a negative reaction on customers and staff may encounter this insect, cockroaches are a health hazard because of their habits of:

  • Feeding on a foul contaminated matter such as mold, rotting food, fecal matter in sewers, from rodents and birds, and animal carcasses

  • Contaminating their environment By defecating where they run, expelling saliva on surfaces frequently to 'taste' their environment, and discarding cast skins and egg cases

  • Carrying pathogenic microorganisms, such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Listeria, E. coli, and parasitic worms

  • Producing allergens from their droppings and shed skins


A number of fly species attracted to foodstuffs, including food waste, are pests in hotels. House flies, fruit flies, drain flies, and blowflies from kitchens and food preparation areas are attracted to the food odors. Housefly and fruit fly are the predominant pest insects.

1. Housefly

House flies are not just a nuisance to guests, they are also a serious health risk from their habit of feeding and breeding on fecal matter, garbage, and decaying food.

House flies are drawn to almost any food they can contaminate on landing on it, with matter picked up from their bodies, from digestive juices regurgitating and food defecating.

Microorganisms that flies carry include E. coli, Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, fungi, and parasitic worms.

House flies in restaurants, bars, kitchens, lobby areas, and food service areas may be a concern. Apart from that, where food waste is stored outside flies can become a nuisance and enter nearby rooms through open windows and doors.

2. Fruit fly

Fermenting and sugary liquids attract fruit flies. Sources of these include food waste, overripe and damaged fruit, and some vegetable types, bottles of old drinks, liquid spills, kitchen drains.


Fruit flies can contaminate food because they will pick up microorganisms from anywhere they feed, including feces, which contain both spoilage microorganisms and diseases.

Fruit flies can be a scourge in bars and restaurants serving lots of sweet and fermented drinks, kitchens, and food waste storage areas nearby. The eggs are laid in rotting fruit and vegetables, in semi-liquid material. The egg-to-adult life cycle is completed at 20 ° C in 14 days, or at 30 ° C in just 8 days.


The food supplies in kitchens, restaurants, and waste-storage areas attract rats and mice to hotels. Populations can build up rapidly when food and waste management practices are bad.


Not only the reactions of guests to rodents can damage a hotel business; rodents can contaminate the food and surfaces they run along with a variety of diseases, including Salmonella, E. Coli, Leptospirosis. They cause loss of stock and can also cause damage to the packaging, fixtures, equipment, and even wiring.

Staff should be trained in how to detect the rodents' signs and implement control procedures. Rat and mice are characterized by:

  1. droppings

  2. distinctive noises: gnawing, scurrying, squeaks

  3. smudge marks along walls, piping, and electrical cables

  4. gnaw marks around holes in the building and on food and packaging

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